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Aeroporto di Biella
Aeroporto di Biella
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The historical beginning of Biella Airport go back to the 17th of May 1962, when the Cerrione’s Airport Company was created, (Sace spa).
The company built the main infrastructure on their own land, the purpose of the project was to provide connected and complementary services to air traffic of any kind and speciality, to increase flight connection from the Biellese and Vercelli provinces to principal national and international centres.
Aeroporto di Biella
After six years of works, the airport was finally finished and inaugurated on the 26th of October 1968 by, at the time Minister of Transport, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, who, he then became President of the Republic.
Rated as "airport open to international tourist traffic", was initially equipped with a 740mt. (tarmac) runway, connecting roll way, aircrafts parking area, a small workshop for repairs, and prefabricated structure for Luigi Sella Air Club and flying school offices.
Aeroporto di Biella

The Company in 1986, motivated by the "Regione Piemonte" decision of including Biella Airport as one of the four suitable Airport in the region for 3rd class commercial traffic, started work improvements (by purchasing more land and lengthening the runway to the present 1500mtr, construct two more hangers to house, " (a specialized workshop for aircraft maintenance and helicopter licence school), this to meet the demands for transport made by Biella, Ivrea, Vercelli e Borgosesia region.
Aeroporto di Biella
Aeroporto di Biella
On the 10th April 1995, the inauguration of the first connecting flight to Rome. The flight was made with an eighteen seats turbo prop " Jet-stream 31", unfortunately the service was suspended due to running costs.

In 2002 Biella-Cerrione Airoport was placed 4th nationally, for non commercial and general aviation traffic, with 18,303 flight movements to his credit, and for carrying 8,398 passengers.

Following an agreement stipulated between Sace S.p.A. and (ENAV)- Ente Nazionale Assistenza al Volo, Biella Airport has had installed the VOR/DME system for radio-navigation, first step for the Airport new project.

 Aeroporto di Biella
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