Airport Services

The services available to the aircraft operator allow for speedy arrival and departure operations, baggage delivery in minimum times (5 minutes), personalized services, no congestion due to air traffic, free from slots, ample parking, high-quality hotel restaurants , the possibility of shopping in the outlets of major Italian brands, sports activities within a radius of a few kilometers (Golf, Horse riding, Trekking, Mountaineering, etc.) and the possibility of skiing at the nearby ski resort of Bielmonte, also equipped with a night illuminated ski slope.

The focus of the company is to propose a "customer oriented" port of call; in this way, in addition to flight operations, the "land side" activity of the passengers is promoted.

  • Biella airport is open to international traffic.
  • Open from Wednesday to Sunday
    • Timetable LMT: 9.00 - 17.00 (Summer : 9.00 - 18.30)
  • Customs Service: upon request according to the flight plan.
    • From Wednesday to Friday with notice to be notified within the previous working day.
    • Customs charges to be paid by the applicant.
  • Fire and rescue service (category 2, can be upgraded to category 4 with at least 2 hours notice)
  • AFIU service. Certified AFIU ATS service IT-ATM/ANS-004 Tel. +39 015 671293 - Fax +39 015 2583054
  • Fuel Service AVGAS 100 LL, JET A1, Unleaded fuel
  • Handling service
  • Aircraft hangar, even permanent (Air Support International authorized workshop)
  • Repair service for aircraft in transit
  • Aircraft surveillance
  • Car Renting
  • Taxi Service
  • Hotel Bookingh
  • Private car park
  • Ramp parking
  • GPu
  • Health service with medical personnel on call
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Airport Entrance
Fuel Station